MAYSSA INTERNATIONAL NIG. LTD. was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1992. The spirit of entrepreneurial enterprise that sustains and fuel its undying ambition for high standard in provisions of services through three generations was re-kindled 131 years ago by a Lebanese trader Mr. Michael Elias, who arrived in Lagos at the end of an aborted trip to Rio de Janeiro in brazil.

Mr. Michael Elias reportedly built one of the first three-story building on Ereko/Balogun street on Lagos Island, Nigeria. He lived the rest of his life in Lagos and was buried in the city after his death. His Grandson Mr. Elie Elias who picked up the spirit is now the Managing Director of Mayssa

Mayssa has come a long way from its mid-size roots, which mainly involved small-scale projects such as the construction of residential quarters and renovations. Today, Mayssa is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic construction and civil engineering companies in Nigeria and has been taking bigger and more complex projects; which also employs over 90 highly skilled staff.

Our success and reputation today are built on the consistent delivery of quality, speed, efficiency and overall client satisfaction. With that in mind, our Executive Director, Katy Elias, developed an interior design company called Ispace Interior that specializes in turnkey fit out solutions for commercial, residential and public facilities.

Our Phylosophy

A passion for building: The key to the success of any venture is "passion" and it is this vital characteristic that makes Mayssa unique in its area of expertise, because we love to build and we never compromise on quality. We live and work by our committed motto: on time, within budget, to your satisfaction.
Mayssa will only submit a proposal if it is certain that it can produce a first-rate job. Every microscopic detail is scrutinized to ensure that it matches our capabilities; nothing is left to chance. Our in-depth studies ensure that we foresee potential challenges, guarantee good organization, and produce a realistic construction plan within a feasible time frame.
Mayssa is a self-sufficient entity and employs a "hands-on" project management method, which allows it to satisfactorily control costs and schedules. Our self-reliance includes many aspects, ranging from concrete and asphalt to furniture and exterior finishes. Our team oversees all subcontracted work to make certain that our high standards are maintained.
Mayssa currently has numerous operating divisions, which are strategically located across Nigeria’s urban and rural areas. This gives it a wide geographical presence throughout the country.

Director's Note

Since its inception as a construction and interior design company, Mayssa International has voyaged through a fascinating evolutionary process to proudly become one of Nigeria's leading and highly esteemed general contracting firms. Mayssa's renowned reputation for excellence, creativity, client receptiveness and the ability to meet deadlines reflects its core founding principles.
We, at Mayssa, ensure that clients enjoy a first-class service, which is delivered through our highly experienced professional team, premium materials, and modern building equipment.
Our company's extensive experience and unyielding professionalism has helped us identify and understand every facet of the construction and interior design industry. All our clients expect the best service and they appreciate Mayssa's up-front & no-nonsense attitude, because we deliver on all our promises and our end results always exceed clients' expectations. Mayssa's perpetual quest for development, its inherent flexibility, and creative innovation has kept it at the helm of the construction industry.
Our top-quality services are performed with spirited enthusiasm and we have excelled in all our chosen endeavors - both simple and complex. We always deliver projects on time, within budget and at the highest levels of quality. This is our resolute guarantee.