On Time, Within Budget, To your

Since its inception as a construction and interior design company, Mayssa International has voyaged through a fascinating evolutionary process to proudly become one of Nigeria's leading and highly esteemed general contracting firms. Mayssa's renowned reputation for excellence, creativity, client receptiveness and the ability to meet deadlines reflects its core founding principles.

Our top-quality services are performed with spirited enthusiasm and we have excelled in all our chosen endeavors - both simple and complex. We always deliver projects on time, within budget and at the highest levels of quality. This is our resolute guarantee.

Who We Are

A Passion For Building

With well over two and a half decades of construction experience, Mayssa has come a long way from its mid-size roots, which mainly involved small-scale projects such as the construction of residential quarters and renovations. As it progressed, Mayssa started taking on bigger and more complex projects and later opened a desk production assembly plant in Nigeria.